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ITT Night Vision: Gen 3 sees UV light

Night Vision aided view of what a ginger stigma looks like to UV sensitive pollinators. Footage captured with a RIBCAGE RX0 https://www.back-bone.ca/product/ribcage-rx0/ B.E. Meyers OWL (Gen3+ NV Pocketscope) Convoy S2 UV (365nm) Flashlight ======================= Top Tier Suppliers of Night Vision Systems and Image Intensifiers: Ultimate Night Vision Tyler Adair (214) 295-1043 [email protected] Richard Ishihara (214)295-1013 [email protected] ultimatenightvision http://www.ultimatenightvision.com Premier source for thermal gear, Premium L3 unfilmed image intensifiers and Photonis INTENS hyper spectral image intensifiers. Night Vision Depot: http://www.nvdepot.com/ Michael Graham [email protected] ITT Harris image intensifiers Ident Marking Services Jason Crum 1(469) 464-5500 http://identmarking.com/index.php/night-vision Premier source for L3 unfilmed image intensifiers and L3 systems. Nightline, INC Sean Fagan [email protected] http://www.nightline.us Premier source for Litton Legacy systems and components. I² Technologies and Systems Integrations Pete Lesbo 1(910) 382-8821 [email protected] https://www.isquarednightvision.com Specializes in both COTS and Custom NV systems. Premier source of Photonis INTENS hyper spectral image intensifiers. Photonis SHD3 Photonis XD4 Photonis XH72 Photonis XR5 Photonis XP6 Filmless Image Intensifier Fixed Pattern Noise Unfilmed Image Intensifier 4G Image Intensifier Night Vision Image Intensifier L3 Night Vision Insight Night Vision ITT Night Vision Harris Night Vision Photonis Night Vision INTENS AN/PVS-14 AN/PVS -18 Infrared Illuminator Night Vision Astronomy UFO Night Vision MUFON Gen 4 Image Intensifier AN/PVS-15 4G Night Vision Night Vision Depot Micro Monocular NV Astronomy Image Intensified Astronomy Contact in the Desert L3 White Phosphor White Phosphor Night Vision MX-10160A MX-10160B Litton M890 L3 Image Intensifier Litton OMNI IV RIBCAGE RX0