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Money And Finance26-11-2018 0 views English

Money as Debt II : Promises Unleashed (2009), Full, recut

Money as Debt (2006) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8GgrkiHQge0 First, my disclaimer based on the first Money as Debt: Much in this video is mis-representative. Quotes are misappropriated and taken out of context (namely, for one, Woodrow Wilson's). Nonetheless, many of the fundamentals mentioned are true. However, there isn't any conspiracy -- all of this material (or at least the true points) should be known by anyone in the fields of finance or economics. This is simply the way the world works. It's not a secret, it's just something most people don't know. --E.R. Feb 10, 2013: Under the so-called Basel rules, banks are required to hold $8 in capital for every $100 in ordinary consumer and business loans. (Capital is a buffer against losses.) But residential mortgages were considered sufficiently safe to justify a requirement half that — $4 per $100 loaned. These rules remain in effect. (Regarding the suit against S&P per http://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/robert-samuelson-the-vendetta-against-sandp/2013/02/10/e811820c-7226-11e2-8b8d-e0b59a1b8e2a_story.html )