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Documentary26-11-2018 2 views English

Hitler's Children - Seduction Episode 1 of 5

For More Great Documentaries please visit www.DocumentaryList.NET AND DONATE TO SUPPORT THE SITE ---- SORRY comments are disabled because of too many off topic flames ------ Never has a generation been so completely taken over by a totalitarian state as was the case in Hitler´s Third Reich: at the age of 10 children joined the Jungvolk movement, at 14 they joined the Hitler Youth, and at 18 they joined the party, the Wehrmacht, the SA, or the SS. This 5-part documentary by Guido Knopp and the ZDF Contemporary History Department is the first comprehen-sive film portrayal of the young people in the Third Reich. With in-depth witness statements and some previously unpublished archive material, the documentary demonstrates how Hitler succeeded in gaining power over his children through years of manipulation. 1. Seduction 2. Dedication 3. Education 4. Employment 5. Sacrifice