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Bambisanani Partnership Power of Sport Competition Slideshow

Art and Creative Writing Competitions based on The Power of Sport The Bambisanani Partnership is a unique collaboration between St. Mary's and Mnyakanya High School in South Africa. The partnership has gained international acclaim for its work using sport as a catalyst to promote education, health, global citizenship and leadership. The competitions are examples of joint learning activities that the two schools engage in. There is something very special about the Bambisanani Partnership and indeed Sport that inspired over six hundred students from both schools to voluntarily pick up a pen, pencil or paint brush and enter the competitions. Students of all ages and abilities were prepared to have a go. For many students it was the first competition in Art or Creative Writing that they have ever participated in. At Mnyakanya School it was the first time students had ever done Art. I applaud all the students who got involved and their teachers for supporting them. The Bambisanani Partnership is about two schools working together and learning together. Mr Geldart, Assistant Headteacher, St. Mary's Menston Exhibitions of this work will take place in the UK and South Africa. A book containing more examples of students' work has also been published: Bambisanani: The Power of Sport Music: Ugly (instrumental) by 2NE1